coconut syrup for coffee

Why You Should Start Using Coconut Syrup for Coffee

Organic coconut products are starting to find a place in every household. That’s mainly because these humble coconut products have become healthier alternatives to almost all unhealthy commercialized products. They can be used as ingredients from food to cosmetics. One coco product that is rising in popularity today is organic coconut syrup. People in the health community are starting to recognize this sweetener in terms of health benefits and taste. But why do most of them suggest using coconut syrup for coffee?

First, let’s take a look on how coconut syrup is produced.

What goes into making coconut syrup?

Producing coconut syrup only takes two not-so-quite-easy but all natural process. It starts off by slicing the stalk of coconut blossoms on matured coconut trees and harvesting the sap inside. Once the sap is collected, it is then set to boil at a controlled temperature to eliminate any harmful remnants while still preserving the nutrients within.

The entire process is minimal, efficient, and safe for the environment. Coconut syrup do not undergo refining, bleaching, and deodorizing—the process which most sweeteners undergo. Thus, preserving all its nutrient content.

Why is coconut syrup a good alternative?

Coconut syrup offers many in terms of health benefits. Let’s take a look on what’s in-store for us in every bottle of coconut syrup.

1. Low glycemic index

The most common reason why coconut syrup is an ideal sweetener is because of its low glycemic index (GI). GI helps determine how a certain type of food can affect our blood sugar levels. For you to better understand the importance of glycemic index, take a look at this simple rating below.

Glycemic Index Rating

Low Medium High
0–55 56–69 70–100

Coconut syrup’s GI count is 35 while other sweeteners are much higher. To name a few, white cane sugar has a GI count of 58–65 and corn syrup has 87. This makes coconut syrup a great alternative, significantly for those with problems regarding their blood sugar levels. Coffee and coconut syrup makes a perfect pair indeed!

2. Has nutritional content

As mentioned earlier, the process in making this syrup is minimal. Therefore, most nutrients from the coconut tree is left inside the syrup. Like coconut sugar, coconut syrup offers a variety of vitamins and minerals. It contains 12 B vitamins which are responsible for the transmission of nerves, fat distribution, and the metabolising of cholesterol. It also offers potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, boron, and phosphorus.

3. Great taste

Most might think that the taste of this organic syrup would have a strong coconut taste but you would be surprised that it actually tastes like brown sugar. It is no wonder why people choose coconut syrup for coffee and pancakes for their breakfast. You can try to substitute maple syrup or honey and see the difference.

Why use coconut syrup for coffee?

We suppose you already know the answer to this question. With the benefits you can get from coconut syrup, it is without a doubt a healthier substitute to sweeteners. Importantly, it taste great. So, are you ready to start your day with using coconut syrup for coffee?

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