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Coconut Sugar: Healthy Blood Sugar Beyond Red Bull!

Coconut sugar may push a button and we won’t blame you. Well in fact, it could have you scrambling for your blood sugar meter.

But hold your horses, coconut sugar is actually your best bet to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Put in the mix energy efficiency from reliable coconut oil and you soon will be ditching that Red Bull drink you’ve been drinking for years. Read on.

Coconut Sugar Is so Unlike Table Sugar

If you’re an athlete, more often than not, you rely on a quick burst of energy from sugar in the form of energy bars. Fact is, any young college student who wants to get an extra hour studying in the wee hours after midnight knows the merits of a quick-energy high via a can of soda – be it Coke or Pepsi.

Note however that too much sugar is bad even for athletes. Runners who take in an enormous amount may be more fatigued more quickly. To recall, there was a lot of flak about energy drink Red Bull and its dangerous levels of sugar.

And the point of the matter: G.I. short for glycemic index. For the uninitiated, G.I. is the rate by which any food ingested spikes up your blood glucose; high G.I. (which should include Red Bull) is a no-no for people who need to watch their blood sugar levels. This explains why diabetics carry sugar meters wherever they go.

And that’s exactly where coconut sugar shines.

Sugar used conventionally in the market have high glycemic index, one that should cause alarm to a type-2 diabetic patient.

Coconut Sugar for Greater Health

G.I. for coco sugar is relatively low, just 35. However, regular table sugar ranks between 60 to 75 – certainly no laughing matter.

Imagining all the 35 grams of sugar in one Red Bull should make one shudder in disbelief. To note, blood sugar spikes also carry with them the burden of soaring insulin levels, one that carries serious consequences for a diabetic. Before insulin’s discovery, diabetes was tagged as a death sentence.

Even better, coconut sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals (e.g., vitamin C, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Zinc). The list just goes on telling you there simply is no comparison to table sugar.

And the best part’s all the natural sweetness in coco sugar wouldn’t make you miss the more traditional taste found in your regular sugar at the market.

Now, if you’re wanting all the energy Red Bull offers, think coconut oil. All the MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) and ketones in the coco treat should get you going…and going…and going.



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