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Why You Should Choose USDA Coconut Oil

It pays to go for what’s safe for your health, and your choice in coconut oil is not an exemption. If anything, the USDA coconut oil makes the best choice. Here’s why.

What Is USDA and What Does It Do?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the government department that makes laws that govern farming, agriculture, natural resources, and most importantly, food. With a vision that focuses mainly on helping the often-left-out areas flourish, making sure the agriculture sector is given the right amount of attention, and preserving all forms of natural resources found in the country, the USDA is here to serve the Americans and help them thrive.

The USDA has a lot of department agencies that take care of different tasks, and one of them is especially assembled to protect the people from developing diseases caused by some unwanted elements in food. This agency sets a particular criteria that has to be met to make sure that the meat, poultry, and egg products that people consume do not have anything that can potentially harm the body.

The USDA Coconut Oil According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020

The USDA releases dietary guidelines every five years, and the agency recently revealed its Dietary Guidelines for Americans for the years 2015 to 2020. According to their statement, the USDA coconut oil is classified as solid fats and has more saturated fatty acids than monounsaturated and polyunsaturated at more than 90 percent.

Saturated fatty acids are assumed to be harmful to the body as it raises cholesterol level, which may cause heart problems and increase risk of stroke. But then again, if we’re talking about coconut oil, the story is different. The 90 percent saturated fats contained in coconut oil is not in any way a disease-causing agent.

Contrary to what the claims of many that saturated fats are bad, it has been proven that these substances, especially unprocessed fats found in virgin coconut oil, are actually important part of one’s diet. The fats in USDA coconut oil are not the same type of saturated fats found in cheese. Coconut oil contains long-chained saturated fatty acids, and unlike what old studies want to make you believe, consuming these fats does not have direct relation to developing heart diseases. In fact, these saturated fats help increase healthy cholesterol and have been found to be capable of converting the bad ones into healthy ones.

You can never go wrong with USDA coconut oil. This cooking essential, especially the extra virgin one, the type that undergoes a process that does not involve much chemical treatment, has a lot of benefits to our body. From simple health perks like preventing digestion-related issues to being a good weight loss partner, coconut oil is that gift of nature you can’t help but always be thankful for.

Considering how safe and healthy this product is, do you think USDA coconut oil deserves a spot in the pantry? Of course, it does! Let us know your thoughts about this wonder ingredient by sharing your thoughts below.

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