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Baking with Coconut OilWho doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and again? More accurately, who doesn’t love a sweet treat whenever they can get their hands on one? The thing is that these sweet treats are more often than not rather unhealthy for you. This puts a real damper on the situation – especially for those folks who have an insatiable sweet tooth. It is just a sad fact of life that you’re probably not going to win any health contests with a cinnamon roll for breakfast, muffin for lunch and a brownie for dinner each and every day. We do have a silver lining though. While we still can’t promote a diet that consists of nothing but desserts, we have a way to make them a little bit of a healthier option. It is one that we use almost exclusively when we are whipping up something delicious. Our trick to doing this is baking with coconut oil.

Baking with Coconut Oil: Best Hack Ever

Baking with coconut oil has a ton of extra benefits. The first of which is just how healthy coconut oil is for you in the first place. By eating a tablespoon of the oil plain or adding it to coffee or smoothies you receive direct health benefits such as aided digestion, increased energy and possible weight loss. The oil can be used as a body moisturizer. It also has a long list of around-the-home uses. In any case, baking with the oil is especially handy regardless of these perks. Because a little goes a long way you don’t need to use as much oil as the recipe calls for. This alone creates a little bit of a healthier treat. It also results in a moister texture.  Baking with coconut oil is something we consider to be a real game changer. It’s one indulgence that both your body and taste buds will agree on.

Baking with Coconut Oil: Less is More

Unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil is a widely used product known for its many amazing uses. There are literally hundreds of reasons to get yourself a bottle of this stuff – reasons you can find almost unceasingly around the world wide web. Here’s how it works. You look at one list of uses it has and learn more than you ever thought you would about it. Then you read another list and read about 5 uses that weren’t on the other list. This continues until you’re pretty sure there’s nothing this stuff can’t do. One of the things you are sure to find pretty much right off the bat is that people love baking with coconut oil.

Baking with Coconut Oil: More is Healthier

Baking with coconut oil is beneficial for a bunch of reasons. The first reason we prefer to prepare our baked goods with this is because it yields a healthier treat by implementing the ‘less is more’ philosophy. You don’t need as much oil as the recipe calls for by using this substitute. For example, an average box of brownies calls for 2/3rds a cup of vegetable oil. You can cut this to 1/3rd a cup if you use coconut oil instead. Even better: you’ll find yourself with a moister creation despite using less oil. Like we said – less is more. It is also the most logical ingredient to use. You know you need to grease your pan as well as add oil to the wet ingredients. Coconut oil is suitable for both tasks. The solid form oil can be applied with a napkin like Crisco commonly is. Thus, the product proves that it can be used for just about anything once again. Baking with coconut oil is, to us, the only way to bake.